Welcome to Steve Bertram’s Computer Repair!

“Relax. We got this.” 

Computers are supposed to be fun and useful, but sometimes they are frustrating and downright mysterious.

With all of the new hardware and software options, not to mention all the security and privacy concerns we face today – it’s hard to know where to start.

At SB computers we’ve worked with home and small business computer users for over a decade, and we’ve seen a lot of good and bad.

We’re here to help you navigate the confusion, so you know when you hit the power button, it’s fun, not frustrating.

What makes us different?

We come to your home – no unplugging, and lugging your stuff – saving you time and frustration

We listen – we make recommendations only after learning about your needs and how your family uses technology

We right-size – we don’t upsell you on things you don’t need – we ensure you get quality at a value

We are located in St. Augusta, MN and would love to help your household or small business with any computer repair.


“We have used SB Computer repair for quite a few years. He is amazing! He has so much patience with me and my lack of computer skills. It is so convienent that you can log him into your computer and he can fix it remotely. I highly recommend giving SB Computer repair for all your needs.”

-Kathy A

“We too have used SB Computer repair for many years too. The online computer service is really benifical and hands free. thank you Steve!”

-Bonnie S.

“Steve does an outstanding job!! He has done our computers for 10 plus years!! You won’t be disappointed!!”

-Daryl K.

“I have worked with Steve for over 10 years and very much appreciate everything he does for keeping my business up and running”

-Paul F.